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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

What Is UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), is an enterprise service method for streamlining all business communications via cloud-based software services. Utilizing UCaaS eliminates the need to buy bulky IT infrastructure or hire a full IT team, because the Cloud Service Providers take care of that for you for a fee.

The 'aaS' ("as a Service") fragment refers to the software that lets you run your business from anywhere and anytime. The "UC" in the UCaaS definition includes typical communication channels we use at work – voicemail, chat, telephony, email, as well as web, audio, and video conferencing.

UCaaS is something more than a simple exchange. It gives information about people's presence; it enables mobility across staff and departments and seamlessly integrates external software solutions. It helps you stay efficient without spending hours waiting for a partner to return a call. It also helps you avoid struggling to reach a customer only to learn that he or she has unsubscribed. Customers appreciate this level of support. This is the reason why many companies see customer bases grow when using UCaaS.

And it doesn't have to be voice communication anymore. Over 80% of people use text messages for work; 73% of business people prefer texting to using messaging apps, and at least one-third of call centers offer customer service via SMS.
Cloud Communications:
A Methodology for Successful Deployment

Advantages Of UCaaS

A Future-Proofed Business
Installing software upgrades can be disruptive and time-consuming when they keep your business from focusing on what it does best. The cloud ensures your company is abreast of software updates and changes with minimal interruption to your business operations. With hosted solutions, you'll no longer worry about keeping your technology up-to-date as this is done gradually on your behalf by your vendor.
Elastic Phone System
Hosted applications provide a wide range of tools that help you achieve the needed flexibility to respond to the demands on your business. When call volumes are heavy, you can use UCaaS to scale your telecommunications system and integrate additional users. And when you need to support your team with tools for better serving your customers, the cloud allows you to customize your applications without a large financial investment. Your business needs are constantly changing, but the cloud enables your phone system to elastically meet those needs in a cost-effective way.
The cloud minimizes the drawbacks of geographic distance for teams located states or countries apart. Hosted applications give your staff cutting-edge telecommunication tools that aren't dependent on on-site hardware or software. With UCaaS, you can easily transition to a mobile workforce that lessens expenses while still providing your customers the same quality of service. The cloud connects your staff and ensures excellent communication— no matter their location. Gain mobility for your business.
UCaaS provides uniformity for your business, enabling employees using different devices at different locations to work seamlessly as one unit. With hosted applications, it doesn't matter if a team member uses a computer or cellphone to serve clients or talk to a colleague. The cloud gives all users the same system for internal and external communication, allowing your team and customers to enjoy a uniform experience.
Disaster Recovery
You can't eliminate the possibility of a technology failure, but you can take steps to prevent an unexpected challenge from shutting down your business operations. Whether it's a power outage or computer troubles, hosted applications give you a reliable disaster recovery solution because data and systems are housed off-site. If your telephony system encounters trouble, all you'll need to do is to switch to a working technology to access your telecommunications system that's waiting—unharmed—for you in the cloud. Protect your business from losing revenue from technology failures with UCaaS.
Unified Communications-as-a-Service
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