More Than A Trusted Advisor, Your IT Navigator

Vendors and suppliers engage in sales conversations with customers, but that is not the same as strategizing and working with them. Vendors often push their solutions and may not take as much time to understand a customer’s needs or the correct solution for their unique challenges. A trusted advisor is an individual or organization with a seat at the table, serving as a strategic partner that the customer sees as an asset to reach their goals. Using their extensive knowledge and experience, trusted advisors provide advice and guidance tailored to a firm’s specific needs and objectives over time.

There are definite differences between vendors or suppliers and a trusted advisor.

  1. Customers typically ask trusted advisors for input on general industry or customer-specific issues. Those who ask solely about your products or service offerings probably don’t consider you a trusted advisor.
  2. The timing of when your customers ask for your input and advice can dictate whether or not you are considered a trusted advisor. Being involved during the proposal process or a decision-making session is a good sign that you’re a trusted advisor.The interconnectedness of your relationships within an organization can dictate whether you are a trusted advisor. If you only work with a single department, that’s not a good sign for your advisory status. However, being connected to higher-level employees and departments, including those responsible for strategic decisions in their business, likely means you are considered a trusted advisor.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you spending too much time addressing technology issues?
  • Do you lack the resources for a complete IT department?
  • Do you meet the needs of your hybrid workforce?
  • Is your customer experience streamlined?
  • Is your security top of mind?

There are numerous benefits to working with a Trusted Advisor as opposed to your standard technology or telecommunications service. Our unique position and extensive experience allow us to act as an intermediary between our clients and many of the top technology vendors to whom you might not have access. As a member of your team, we’re there with you at every step, helping to make decisions on the best solutions and keeping everyone on track.

In the technology world, a Trusted Advisor helps you make technology purchasing decisions that save time and money. We guide you in meeting your organization’s technology needs by identifying your current challenges, engineering the right solutions, choosing the best vendor for your specific situation, and supporting you as your telecom and technology journey evolves.

XETA Group’s Mission is to be our client’s IT Navigator by empowering you to make impactful and innovative next-generation technology decisions that create a competitive advantage.

We can do this through our portfolio of services and the relationships we have established with world-class service providers and partners. We sit on your side of the table, not with the supplier. Our main goal is to get your company the best technology solutions, at the most competitive rates, with the most favorable terms.