A Sitdown with Ron Siegenthaler, Chairman of the Board

Encore Episode with “How That Happened”

On December 12, 2022 the hosts of “How That Happened” released a previously aired podcast with  Ron Siegenthaler, our Chairman of the Board. In this episode, he shares his business insights and advice.

Ron has a long history of entrepreneurship that spans many industries including oil and gas, steel distribution, nonprofit, and communications. In 2011, Oklahoma State University’s Riata Entrepreneurship Center named Ron its Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year. He is the lifeblood of XETA Group and his wisdom propels us into the future.

Sit back and listen to the lessons learned from starting and selling his first business, the attributes of effective business partnerships, and how a focus on service sustains business relationships. 


“How That Happened,” is a business and innovation success podcast hosted by HoganTaylor LLP business advisors Robert Wagner and Aaron Ackerman. On each episode of the show, our hosts sit down with the business and community leaders behind thriving organizations to learn how business and innovation success actually happens.