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SAVE UP TO 35-60%

Telecom experts can work with your company to conduct an in-depth audit on your telecom expenses to save you up to 35-60%. Let us help you identify opportunities to reduce your budget, free up dollars and achieve immediate savings.

Additionally, the Telecom Solutions Architects will identify the most innovative network technologies for your business and provide recommendations to help you get the most value out of your existing services.

Telecom Expense Management

Telecommunications service interruptions and unnecessary spend hold your business back. But problems like these tend to happen when you're managing telecom systems and services with tools that aren't built for the enterprise.

We make Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and lifecycle management easier and less stressful. Our application's integration, automation, and reporting power meets the needs of even the most discerning companies.

UCaaS Savings

In a previous blog post, we explored Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and how this technology empowers organizations to improve communication at scale while reducing fraud and misuse. But this is by no means the end of this story.

As organizations adapt to the new work-from-anywhere reality, they require deeper insights into service costs to remain compliant and ensure budgets aren't negatively impacted. The greater visibility of specific services being used, who's using them, and where the costs are being allocated – the better.

A UCaaS service on its own can provide many of these insights. But to drive deeper with cost savings, what's required is the advanced visibility that comes with a Telecom Expense Management platform.

Better Growth with Expense Management

As UCaaS services are implemented – telephony, video, IM, chat or otherwise – usage will grow across the organization. While this is great for improving cross-functional communication, there's a hidden risk of costs growing out of proportion to the value gained.

And it's no small risk. In a UCaaS service agreement, you only pay for what's necessary. What happens if what's needed now isn't what's required in the future? What if you're continuing to pay for those outmoded services?

This is where Technology Expense Management (TEM) expertise comes in. Rather than living with the added monthly cost or spending man hours hunting down the neglected service, Tangoe's platform overcomes this complexity through centralized usage tracking and traffic analysis. The information gathered becomes the lifeblood for creating better and more predictable outcomes, avoiding late-fees through on-time payments, and protecting your bottom line.

Key Features

UCaaS Expense Management offering doesn't just mean on-time payments for services – it also boosts business confidence and success with in-depth reporting features, including Exception, Organizational, Trend and Utilization for further visibility and control over the UCaaS line.

In addition to Cost and Usage Management, users can hone insights via:

  • Traffic, Trend Monitoring, & Analysis—See where traffic is going, how much is being used, and which channels are providing the best usage ROI.
  • Rate Plan and Pricing Validation—Cost overruns are avoided by matching each bill to the rate promised.
  • Invoice Processing and Payment—Tangoe's payment processing technology keeps invoices paid on-time, avoiding late fees.
  • Customized Pulse Alert Monitoring—Set custom alerts to keep up with real-time changes.
Sound too good to be true? Our TEM providers put to work decades of experience to bring this UCaaS offering to the enterprise level. We've focused on all the right reports necessary to help gain the best competitive advantage in communications.

Benefits of UCaaS Reporting

While staff are engaging in ways never thought possible before UCaaS, companies are gaining more granular visibility into costs for more thoughtful business choices. Meanwhile, invoicing and AP/GL file processing happen automatically, freeing up even more time to make strategic decisions.

Your organization's finances come under better control with the right chargeback and cost allocations, driving more robust financial integrity. What's more, our expert advisor team can provide benchmarking analysis and rate/usage optimization recommendations to right-size spending and drive even more savings as the business grows.

Finally, don't overlook security. We've written before about the fraud prevention gained via these features. For preventing fraud and ensuring innovative UCaaS tools aren't misused, holistic insight into what's being sent helps build trust. And if there's ever a formal inquiry, you'll be able to better prepare the legal team for ongoing operational success.

Going Global

An enterprise UCaaS system can be complicated to manage, but it doesn't need to be. Equipped with the right data, teams can make faster decisions about upgrades, scaling back, and when to let these systems run as is.

Total spending on UCaaS is expected to rise to $60 billion by 2027—almost triple the total spending in 2019. How much of that considerable amount will be spent on services companies don't use?
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