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How Much Revenue Is Your Hotel Leaving On The Table?

Hospitality All-In-One Solution

An all-in-one product that facilitates real-time guest and staff communications to give 40-150 room hotels a foundation for driving operational efficiency required to meet and exceed today's guest expectations with technology that goes far beyond call control and boosting the average daily rate.

Now you can get an end-to-end communications, collaboration and application package that goes far beyond call control. It's purpose-built to help improve operational efficiency and guest experience for small to mid-sized boutique and select service hotels with up to 150 guest-rooms. It's built on a tried and tested communication server that already serves thousands of hospitality properties.

As travelers increasingly look to the mobile and social world for trip planning and hotel selection, online reviews carry significant weight when it comes to independent hotels. A recent TripAdvisor survey reveals online reviews are one of the most important decision making factors when choosing a hotel destination, second only to price. This correlates with a report by the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University that finds a one-point improvement in online reputation, such as moving from three stars to four stars, can yield a bottom-line increase of 39 percent in revenue. For a hotel with 100 rooms, an average daily rate of $125 and 90 percent occupancy, this could translate to more than $1.6 million per year.

Guests have never had more opinions, or more platforms available to amplify those opinions, than they do today. Travelers use review sites and ratings to choose which hotels to stay in, and that can have a real impact on a hotel's bottom line. The key to exceeding guest expectations is ensuring that the many moving parts in a hotel are connected seamlessly.

Disconnected Tools Create Disconnected Processes And People
How many different tools does the standard hospitality staff use to collaborate across a property? Many hotels still rely on manual communications, like clipboards, sticky notes and walkie-talkies, to communicate across shift changes and locations. Each of these methods, however, brings with it the opportunity for a communications failure that can leave your guest experience lacking. And this isn't restricted to low-tech tools. Even having a phone system not fully integrated into a PMS system (Property Management System), for example, can lead to missed connections.

Better Guest Experiences Mean Better Ratings (And More Revenue, Too)
Closing the gap on missed opportunities gives your staff the ability to preempt guest issues even before guests arrive on the property. Positive guest reviews do more than just secure your current revenue – they can also lead to an increase in your average daily rate (ADR). According to Cornell University,1 a one-star increase in online reviews can justify a hotel in raising their ADR by up to 11.2 percent.

How Much Revenue Is Your Hotel Leaving On The Table?
To secure that 11.2 percent increase in ADR, it's important to find a tool to connect staff across departments and shifts.

Get The Ratings You Deserve
Your hospitality business lives and dies by its reputation. Get the ratings you deserve by exceeding guest expectations. With the right communications system in place, your staff can save time wasted on repetitive tasks and preempt guest service issues.

Key Benefits

Excellent Customer Service As a Guarantee
Using a wide range of phones, a software application for management at reception and an interface for integrating commercially-available property management systems guarantee an uninterrupted excellent customer service.

User-Friendly Solution
All applications included into solution are very intuitive and user-friendly, so the users can perform tasks quickly and efficiently. For the staff, this can lead to greater job satisfaction and more time to cater for guests needs, so they will potentially generate repeat business.

The Perfect Solution Package
The full-performance scope of the communication server is available: Unified Communication functions, DECT mobility (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) and mobile phone integration, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) applications and building automation (door intercom, door control, blinds and air-conditioning system).

Need Oriented Front-Desk Solutions
There are 3 need-oriented front-desk solutions with large touch screen and hospitality functions, integrated web-based application or integration with an existing PMS system. The right solution is chosen according to the number of rooms, the need for special functions and available infrastructure; for example, with or without a PC, with integrated application or external PMS.

Advantages For Hotel Guests
The application provides a speedy and easy check-in and check-out process. A wide range of intuitively deployable handsets tailored to customers' needs can also be provided. On top of that, it is impossible to miss wake-up calls, thanks to an adjustable minimum volume and the staff that is informed about any unanswered wake-up calls.

Advantages For Hotel Management
The solution can easily be adapted to the existing processes and needs of every business; this includes management, reception, cleaning, maintenance, cost control or billing of network services. The Hospitality Package is easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure, intercoms and cameras, building management, external PMS systems and IT infrastructure.

Advantages For Hotel Management
Specific functions, such as check-ins, including the recording of guest data plus special guest requirements, setting of guest languages and wake-up calls, are all available. During check-out the staff are perfectly supported, and the work processes sped up, by functions like automatic bill printing and room cleaning status display. The room personnel can change the room status, for example, from "being cleaned" to "cleaned", simply by entering a code on the room telephone or on the wireless DECT phone. This way, the reception and hotel management are always up to date.
Benefits For Guests
Excellent Service
Today's customer expects quick and reliable service. Dependable wake-up service with pre-set minimum volume, guests will never miss a wake-up call again. Our integrated system informs staff about any unanswered wake-up calls.
Check-in And Check-out
Ensure speedy and easy check-in and check-out processes.
Room Phones
A wide range of easy-to-deploy handsets tailored to customers' needs.
Protection Of Personal Data
During check-out, private guest data like call lists and voice messages on the voice mailbox are automatically erased. No new guest can get access to the data of a previous guest.
Benefits For Staff
Efficiency And Productivity
Support staff from check-in to check-out. Speed up work processes by optimizing common staff functions to raise productivity and morale.
Always Informed
Keep everyone in the loop. Help room personnel, reception and hotel management stay up-to-date with each other constantly and consistently.
Save processing time, especially with frequently changing, multilingual staff. A single, short training session is all it takes to use the hotel functions competently and professionally.
The Right Equipment
Choose from a wide range of phones for reception, back office, cleaning and maintenance teams. Give your employees the tools to get the job done right.
Benefits For Management
Simple to integrate into your existing infrastructure. Don't eat the cost of a complete infrastructure overhaul.
Easily adapt the package to your existing processes and needs. This includes management, reception, cleaning, maintenance, cost control and billing of network services.
Integrated Applications
Integrate your hotel systems across a range of guest services, hotel billing systems, guest phone pairing and guest services management applications. Hospitality features make smart use of web technology using a browser-based interface. Eliminate the need for hardware installation by using a browser-based interface.
All functions, applications and components are seamlessly integrated from a single source. Less hassle means less worry.
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