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What Is Enterprise Mobility Management?

Xeta Group provides forward-thinking control over all your company's phones and mobile devices from our vetted mobility providers. These managed mobility solutions are designed to reduce your IT burden and lower your costs. They provide all staging, kitting and procurement plus total mobile device management and better, wider coverage.

Mobility Beyond Your Expectations.

Xeta Group provides forward-thinking control over all your company's phones and mobile devices from our vetted mobility providers. These managed mobility solutions are designed to reduce your IT burden and lower your costs. They provide all staging, kitting and procurement plus total mobile device management and better, wider coverage.
Improve Efficiency.

Xeta Group's vetted providers have enterprise mobility management tools that will show you what you're doing right and where you could do better. You'll be able to keep an eye on your business, your whole business, from anywhere.

Analyze This.

Our team builds and hosts custom reports that give you insight into spending patterns, variances, and forecasts by your location, region, state or system-wide. SD-M provides better protection and compliance with network-based security and controls. Pay for exactly what you need and only what you need.

Centralized Set-up.

All our vetted providers mobility solutions are easily set up and integrated into your existing systems. With our centralized kitting and deployment, your devices always arrive ready to use right out of the box.

Fleet and IoT.

All our vetted providers mobile solutions and products are managed by industry professionals who have one thing on their minds: helping you work smarter.

The Solution

Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Partnerships with the top wireless carriers in the U.S. and Canada
  • Complete, end-to-end management of corporate phones
  • Protect Program: Fully managed protection and replacement for all corporate mobile devices
  • Better protection and compliance with network-based security and controls

Enterprise Mobility Partners

While Xeta Group Has Several Mobility Partners We Are the Presenting the MetTel Solution as One of the Most Comprehensive.

MetTel's Solution

The below datasheet presents MetTel's Enterprise Mobility Management solutions. MetTel's partnership with the most trusted wireless carriers in the U.S. provides a reliable network to keep your mobile workforce connected. MetTel's Deploy plan provides complete, end-to-end management of corporate phones—including procurement, enrollment setup, mobile device management, and custom staging and kitting. The Protect Program offers fully-managed protection and replacement for all corporate mobile devices, including a secure wipe of broken/stolen/lost devices. SD-M provides better protection and compliance with network-based security and controls. And, the MetTel Portal automates the management and control over all your devices with live data for intelligent action business rules.
One Invoice
One Cross-carrier Pool
One Platform With Automated Intelligent Actions
Access To Multiple Networks With Enterprise Rates
Specialists To Help Architect Your Mobile Strategy
24/7/365 Help Desk With Dedicated Account Team
Enterprise Device enrollment Setup (DEP, KNOX)
MDM Setup, Configure, & Support
Device Staging & Kitting Process For New Devices

MetTel's Deploy Process

MetTel's Robotic Process Automation (RPA) includes sourcing and logistics, managed Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), security, financial and program management to provision devices over the air in under two minutes.
Step 1
Order Customer places order in the MetTel Portal or it auto orders according to business rules.
Step 2
You can choose a rate which would be comfortable for you
Step 3
Shiny new device is delivered to a happy employee.
Add-On: Protect
Fully managed protection and replacement program.
Step 4
Employee breaks the device.
Step 5
MetTel sends out an overnighted replacement device fully configured.
Step 6
Employee is up and running with a secured device next day.
Network-based security and controls.

Get Data Insights
See which apps are draining data and increasing your costs.

Control Usage & Reduce Costs
Enforce corporate policy and block unwanted data consumption.

Secure Your LTE Network

Protect your data from a higher level, without installing an app.
MetTel Industry Recognition
Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services
MetTel represents the only US-based carrier to qualify for the global report in 2020
AT&T's #1 Partner For Last 6 Years
#1 Business Mobile Wholesaler for AT&T, Verizon & Sprint
1 of 3 Mobile Carriers Awarded
Federal Govt's $50B GSA EIS Contract
5G Advisor
MetTel quoted as a trusted 5G advisor on CNN
Forbes Council Member
Max Silber sits on the Forbes Business Development Council
Award-winning Customer Service
Stevie Awards 2015-2020

What is Managed Mobility Services (MMS)?

Managed Mobility Services (MMS) provide vendor-comprised IT and business process services required to plan, provide, procure, activate, manage, secure and support mobile devices, mobile network services, related mobile management systems and mobile applications. Gartner's coverage of MMSs focus on a provider's assumption of day-to-day IT management administration and support routines for mobile devices. MMSs also include business process services (such as expense management, asset management and logistics, including forward and return logistics and recycling, ordering and provisioning) as well as help desk services. Enterprises seek proficient skills and expertise related to MMS to ensure that their mobile devices are operationally effective and managed at a competitive price.

Despite progress made by many providers (such as single source provider MetTel), enterprise clients remain concerned that the delivery of MMS services by providers often fails to meet enterprise requirements and outcomes because of inconsistent capabilities both regionally and globally. Consequently, enterprises' requirements may necessitate the sourcing and vendor management of multiple providers.

For 2020, Gartner maintains five categories for core MMS deliverables:

• Sourcing and Logistics Management – purchasing, provisioning and activating network services, applications and devices in addition to expense management or UEM.

• Managed UEM – covers mobile device management, mobile application management, mobile identity, mobile content management and containment (separating corporate from personal data).

• Security Management – to secure access and consumption of corporate resources and content
through authentication, encryption, containerization and cloud-based enterprise file synchronization and sharing.

• Financial Management – expense management including sourcing, ordering and provisioning management, inventory, invoice, and contract management, usage and dispute management and reporting.

• Program Management (including professional services) – the capability to manage all other capabilities cohesively and effectively, including governance across third party providers such as UEM, device OEMs and logistics, account management, support and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

All providers in this Gartner Magic Quadrant offer all of these service segments in full.

BYOD and Mobile Device Management

The widespread proliferation of consumerization of IT means more personal consumer computing devices — such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets — are brought to the workplace by employees for use and connectivity on the corporate network. The phrase BYOD (bring your own device) has become widely adopted to refer to these employees. Today's category of mobile device management software is one way that an organization can deliver secure mobile solutions to its BYOD workforce.


Simplify the management of your mobile devices across the entire mobility lifecycle.
Mobile Expense Management
As part of a mobility management services solution, we ensure your devices are connected to the best network available -- at the best prices.
Mobile Security
Protect your data, your network and your business by protecting your mobile devices as part of a mobility management services.solution
Mobility Management
From planning to management to device EOL, simplify the management of your mobile devices throughout their lifecycle with one comprehensive mobility management solution.
Device Deployment
The benefits of deploying mobile and IoT devices can be enormous, but so can the costs and headaches. Our device deployment services make sure your deployments are done both correctly and cost-effectively.
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Every day, all day, we focus on the security and ROI of your mobile devices and wireless initiatives – so you don't have to.
IoT Managed Service Support
Stay on the cutting edge with comprehensive solutions for deploying and managing all of your IoT devices
It's OUR business to keep YOUR MOBILITY running smoothly.
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