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Your Contact Center Plays A Pivotal Role In Your Business
  • The Contact Center is often the primary way your customers communicate with you.
  • Each customer engagement is an opportunity to win your customer again.
  • Your Contact Center data can be a rich source of customer intelligence.

And the right Contact Center solution can make all of the difference. Providing your Contact Center team the right platform can mean the difference between:

  • Fast issue resolutions or long call waits.
  • Satisfied customers or customers who take their frustrations to social media.
  • Access to valuable customer intelligence or basic reports.

Using effective Contact Center software is just as important as having well-trained customer service representatives (CSRs). Improving key performance indicators is easier when you put the right tools in the hands of CSRs, supervisors, and managers. Making the right strategic technology decision is central to assessing your agents' KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) as well as the overall health of your Call Center.

Whether you want to improve call routing or increase your company's channels of communication, Xeta Group can help you select the best technology for your needs.
Top 10 Reasons To Move Your Contact Center To The Cloud

Cloud Contact Center

Cloud contact centers make contact center software functionality that was previously only accessible through on-premise hardware available through the internet, from which all inbound and outbound customer communications are handled. Cloud contact centers make interactions through voice, email, social media and the web accessible from virtually anywhere.

As customers continue to increase their use of digital channels to connect with businesses, the need to modernize the contact center is imperative. Deployed in minutes, with zero-up front capital investment, a cloud contact center lets your company deliver state-of-the-art capabilities that transform your legacy contact center to a modernized contact center.

No matter what the future throws at you, an on-premise contact center will never be able to support your business in disaster situations. Now, more than ever, it is essential to implement cloud-based technologies that are simple to use and easy to maintain so you can work from anywhere, hire the best talent, and efficiently manage disparate resources.

A cloud contact center can scale up and down on-demand during peak traffic hours to maintain agent flexibility and save cost. Grow your business and add or remove agents whenever you need to keep your competitive edge. Stay ahead of trends with the latest technology. Tethered to on-prem solutions, you're stuck using outdated technologies. Enable seamless monthly upgrades in the cloud so you're always up-to-date with the latest innovations.

Cloud contact centers are not the future, it's now, it's here to stay and it's the best first step in the digital transformation journey. As the costs to maintain and upgrade call centers continue to increase, it's time to consider a cloud call center.

Top Benefits Of Cloud Contact Center:

  • Reduce costs and improve return on investment (ROI)
  • Create a full-featured, state-of-the-art multichannel contact center
  • Deliver better customer experiences
  • Deploy easily
  • Empower employees
  • Reduce ongoing costs
  • Optimize agent efficacy and efficiency
  • Call center management, maintenance, and upgrades handled by a third-party service provider
  • Improve scalability and flexibility
  • Advanced features and capabilities
Contact Center-as-a-Service Partners
On-Premise Contact Center
On-premise call centers are more traditional and hardware-based. On-premise call centers often require upgrades every few years, which becomes costly. With an on-premise call center, your communication hardware, software, and infrastructure remain onsite at your organization with dedicated communication servers. Thus, your IT team is responsible for installation, maintenance, and upkeep of everything from servers to headsets to integration support

Top Benefits Of On-Premise Contact Center:

  • Purchase only the equipment and systems you need
  • Up-front costs that are paid off instead of ongoing payments
  • Customization of Contact Centers
  • Peace of mind knowing your confidential data is stored in-house safely and securely
  • Fewer concerns about reliability and safekeeping
On-Premise Contact Center Partners
On-Premise Partners
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